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Your report (#284723) on Marzus Lowbridge was approved by Miles White A01 Mark As Seen

Your report (#284723) on Marzus Lowbridge was denied by Miles White A01Mark As Seen

Your report has not been approved because you have not met department expectations. You have only written 1 line for your report, please write more. You have also charged Marzus Lowbridge with "Criminal Threats" but nothing in your report states why you charged this person with this crime. You have 1 days to correct your report otherwise this charge will be dropped. If you do not meet report expectations then you will receive disciplinary actions. The whole report will be dropped if you do not meet expecations.

Report Denied At: 2024-06-02 23:44:23

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Discord Name: luvely

Discord ID: 299412441424184142

Full Name: Marzus Lowbridge

Callsign: A01

Current Status: 10-7

Available Subdivisions: FTO, K9, TEU, A1, CID, SWAT

Primary Department: LSPD

Secondary Department(s): BCSO, SADPS

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